Leonard Bacon

Programming and Web student at Greater Lowell Technical High School

My Digital Portfolio:

My name is Leonard Bacon, I am 16 years old and am currently a junior at Greater Lowell Technical High School in the programming and web development shop. This website is my digital portfolio which I created using HTML and CSS. I have eight certifications so far, five from the Microsoft Technology Associate(MTA), one from CompTIA, one from CIW, and one from OSHA. This portfolio contains my resume, my certifications, some of my work, and awards.


Programming Skills Website Skills IT Skills Interpersonal Skills
VB.NET HTML Networking Self-Motivated
C#.NET CSS Security Adaptiblity
Visual Studio 2015 Adobe Dreamweaver 2017 Hardware Quick-Learner

About Me:

I enjoy programming and learning about technology. In my free time I like to play video games. I love eating food and doing fun things. I have lived in Lowell, Ma my whole life and haven't been to much places and traveling is one of the many things I would love to do as I get older. Along with getting to see different things and growing my person as a whole. I love learning and any chance I get to learn something I think could be useful I indulge myself in it.

Contact Me:

I can be reached through my email, leonardwbacon@gmail.com
I also have a linkedIn page which you can see here. Please do connect with me!